Thursday, February 26, 2015

Sorry, Not see you go (and other passive-aggressive titles)

Hey you guys!!  It's finally happening...the Great Kitchen Renovation of 2015!!  I can't even BEGIN to tell you how excited I am to say goodbye to my current kitchen.  Before demolition begins next week, let's take a (very short) tour of my (very small) kitchen, shall we?

There's a small window each day when my sink doesn't look like this.
It's elusive, and hard to catch.  Consider yourself lucky if you've ever  seen the
bottom of the sink.

There are many things about this kitchen that just drive me BATTY.  At the top of the list?  No dishwasher.  Unless you count this guy:

Christmas Card 2014 Outtake.  He's alllll mine, ladies.  Back off.
(What a good sport he is, right?)

Right up there with the lack of a dishwasher?  This stove:

Why is it so BIG?
(The Office has forever ruined us with, "That's what she said," jokes, hasn't it?)

It's huge...40 inches of mammoth hunk o' electric metal.  This beast is being replaced by a beautiful gas convection slide in range with 5, count 'em, FIVE burners.  Dave is very excited about this fifth burner.  Whatever floats your kitchen boat, babe.

Next on my list of annoyances is my lack of useable counter space.  This is all I've got.  Twenty seven and a half inches.  TWENTY SEVEN AND A HALF INCHES.  Let's move on.

White, on white, on white?  This kitchen delivers.

Oh, this guy?

Despite the small stature of this fridge,
an amazing amount of food still manages to get lost in the back of it.

Yeah, he's an apartment sized gem.  Can't replace him without ripping out all of the cabinets on this wall, though- they're one continuous built in piece. 

We've already discussed the flooring issues in my last post, but let's see a quick picture for old time's sake, shall we?

Absolutely disgusting.  I am embarrassed.  Completely embarrassed.

Hasta la vista, baby.  You're getting the boot.

RIP: 1949-2015

See ya!

Up next?  New layout plans!!


  1. Hmmm...I feel your pain, having had several horrendously small, ill-equipped kitchens. The only saving grace of the kitchen in my flat in Philly was that it had an enormous window and 14 foot ceilings; the only saving grace of my condo kitchen in Novi'll get back to you on that.

    I do love your yellow walls. Same color as my kitchen. Do blog your renovation efforts. I'm sure that will be an entertaining adventure.

  2. I've seen your adorable kitchen many times, but okay I feel your pain now. Here's to happy remodeling!