Sunday, May 4, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

I've been busy this past month.  Really busy.  Unfortunately, my busyness had little to do with crafting, hence the hiatus.  Dave and I both celebrated our birthdays, we took his mom to Chicago for a fun little trip, and I traveled a bit for work.  Plus, I kind of got on a book reading binge on some rainy April days, which really cut into crafting time.  Sorry, friends!

I did complete ONE small craft during the month of April, so let's get to it, shall we?  In my quest to be an organizational queen, I was working on my craft closet and found a few gems hidden in the back that were just waiting for me to work some craft magic.

My supplies?  Lots of fake flowers and greens, a plain grapevine wreath, and some flower/craft wire.  

Let's get down to business.  

I laid out all of the flowers and greens that I had, as I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to use.  

Supplies. Check.
Next, I started laying out some of my greens on the wreath.  I stuck the ends in through the grapevines, and the used some floral wire to begin securing the stems around the wreath.  I wanted to make sure that the stems curved with the wreath, but also hung loose a bit so that it didn't look completely structured.

Looks pretty already!  Should we call it a day right here?
 I made my way around the wreath using various greens, as I wanted to create a base layer before adding some flowers.

That's enough.  I wasn't trying to choke the wreath with TOO many weeds.
I've got a really bad habit of getting halfway into a project and forgetting about taking pictures of my next steps.  Sorry.  Here's the finished wreath with some flowers added to it.  I did the same thing as with the greens- stuck the stems in between the grapevines, and secured parts of the stems with green floral wire.

Simple, yet beautiful.

I have a single nail sticking out of my front door, so I needed something to hang the wreath up with...floral wire to the rescue!  One snip of the wire strung through the back of the wreath and twisted securely into a loop, and I was good to go.

Happy Spring, everyone!!
This project took a total of 15 minutes, start to finish.  I've had the supplies for awhile, stashed away after buying during an End of Season Sale, so I don't know how much the project total was, but I guarantee you, it was much cheaper than buying a ready made spring wreath!

Now my front door is springy and inviting!  Except to door to door salesmen.  As far as they're concerned, this wreath is made out of poison ivy and means STAY AWAY.

Have a good week, everyone!! 

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