Sunday, February 23, 2014

Fake 'Em Out Pancakes

I'm a creature of habit.  Especially in the morning.  Aren't we all?  Morning routines are normally that one thing we stick to, no matter what the rest of the day holds, because we all have to wake up and get ready for our day.  My morning routine has been roughly the same for the past eight years.  Wake up, shower, get dressed, pack my lunch, and grab a granola bar on the way out the door.  Eat said granola bar in the darkness on my way to work, and throw the wrapper on the passenger side floor of the car, because really, who's looking to aim into a garbage bag while going 80 down the freeway?

Disclaimer:  I wish I had a picture of those wrappers, because I would let them build up into a mound covering the floor, only removing them on the rare occasions that Dave would be a passenger in my car and start calling me a hoarder.  It really was the mini-version of the show Hoarders.  Don't judge.  We all have our things.

A few months ago, however, I started working from home, and my morning routine was thrown for a tailspin.  No longer did I have to get dressed in the morning if I didn't feel like it.  No longer did I have to rush out in the early morning hours to open the doors for the early bird bus riding school kids.  No longer did I have to eat a damn granola bar for breakfast!!

I started making myself a warm breakfast that filled my belly and my soul until lunchtime.  Having a good breakfast really does make a difference in your morning.  So does a job you enjoy.  Either way, my morning routine is a much happier one these days.  

Let me stop chattering and share my breakfast with you.  I call it the Fake 'Em Out Pancake.  Why?  Because it's not actually a pancake, and I don't put syrup on it.  But it kind of looks like a pancake, so we're going with it.

Yeah, that's homemade PB in the red jar.  It takes less than
10 minutes to make!!

Here's what you'll need:

1 egg
1 small banana
1 spoonful of peanut butter
Coconut oil for the pan if you're so inclined.
(serves 1)

That's it!

First, you'll peel the banana and throw it and a spoonful of peanut butter into your bowl.  Mash it up with a fork.  Sometimes, if I'm feeling crazy, I'll use Nutella instead of peanut butter.  Yum!!

M.A.S.H.  What a great show, no?

Next, crack your egg, and mix that in with the banana/PB.  

Solid gold.

Heat up your pan under medium high heat, throw a tad bit of coconut oil in if it's not a no-stick pan, and pour in your batter.  Cook it up much like you would a pancake, flip, and cook the other side.

I mean it.  Just a little bit of coconut oil.

Can you tell my stove isn't quite level?

Flip it!  Jut don't be a flip-flopper.  That's not necessary.

You're done!  I suppose you could use syrup if you really wanted to, but with the banana and peanut butter, your Fake 'Em Out Pancake will be sweet enough. 

Bonus!  All my gluten free peeps can chow down on these, too!  (I don't know about you Paleo people, though.  I'm not wise in the world of Paleo.  Would a caveman eat this?  I think he'd probably grunt and go make a fire.)

Happy breakfasting!!

Taking a quote from my dear friend Jeno, "HARF."

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