Thursday, August 22, 2013

Don't be Frigid.

This is my fridge.

Nope, I didn't straighten the magnets before taking this.  Deal with it.
We stand at the same height.  Short.  While I'd like a new fridge, buying one would mean major sawzall surgery on the cabinets above, as they are all one continuous built in piece.  Builders did NOT take the easy way out in the 1940's.  As with everything in an old house, replacing just one thing doesn't ever happen.  A domino effect of repairs and replacements will inevitably take place.  While I sigh and dream of having a fridge that has an ice maker and can hold more than a gallon of milk, I'm holding out for a full kitchen gut. 

Last week, the first domino in the kitchen redo began to wobble.  The meat drawer in the fridge broke.

That string?  Didn't do a damn thing to help hold the drawer up post-break.

Dave and I looked at some new refrigerators online, and outwardly groaned at the work that would have to take place to get this problem taken care of.  Ugh.  New fridges aren't cheap, either!  I ended up searching around some more on the internet, and found a website with replacement parts.  Luckily, they had a part for me.  Unluckily, it was THIRTY DOLLARS.  For a piece of plastic.  Ridiculous.

I bet this piece cost 2 cents to make.

There was a small screw holding the broken drawer track to the shelf, and was the only thing that needed to come out.  I ended up having to make a run to the hardware store for a screwdriver that was tiny enough.  Isn't she beautiful?

Yep, I'm an extra long eyeglasses screwdriver!

Once I had the right screwdriver, it took five seconds to pop the old track out, and another 5 to screw the new one in.

I know, my hand looks malformed.  You try using a screwdriver and taking a picture at the same time.

Can you tell the difference between the broken and new pieces?

The first domino in the kitchen redo may have wobbled, but it's back to being stable.  Darn.

Fixed.  And I am fully aware that bananas don't go in the fridge, but I had an unfortunate fruit fly invasion that required drastic action.

I'd like to leave you with a fabulous picture today.  I stopped into a shop with my lovely friend Venesa this afternoon, and an inappropriate Buddha spoke to me.  Or, more accurately, his $5 price tag spoke to me.  He will find a happy space somewhere in my house, and I'll smile every time I look at him.  I now give you all permission to go buy something silly for your house, just because it makes you smile.  Don't we all deserve to have our homes make us smile??

What a sexy beast.

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